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News Item Genode OS Framework 24.02 released Mar 28, 2024
With much excitement, we published Genode's first version of the year by the end of February, focussing on audio, suspend/resume, HID devices, and the Goa SDK.
News Item Road map for 2024 Jan 25, 2024
For 2024, we selected "Sculpt OS usability" as primary theme behind our development work.


News Item Genode OS Framework 23.11 released Nov 30, 2023
Genode 23.11 brings advanced power monitoring and control for PC platforms, introduces kernel-agnostic DMA protection, and showcases the port of the Linphone VoIP stack.
News Item Genode OS Framework 23.08 released Sep 29, 2023
The current release puts the spotlight on tooling for developing, debugging, porting, and publishing Genode components.
News Item Genode OS Framework 23.05 released May 31, 2023
Genode 23.05 introduces the use of existing SDKs like Lomiri and Rust's cargo for building applications, features a cross-platform Wifi-stack based our Linux device-driver environment, and comes with a new tool chain based on GCC 12.3.
News Item Article series about combining Genode with FPGAs Mar 20, 2023
In addition to our developer stories at, we started publishing specific tutorials at for a wider audience.
News Item Genode OS release 23.02 Feb 27, 2023
The first Genode version of the year released at the end of February draws a strong connection to this year's road map, that emphasized the use of advanced platform capabilities.
News Item First system image of mobile Sculpt OS Feb 16, 2023
After more than two years of tireless development, we released the first system image of Sculpt OS for the PinePhone.
News Item Road map for 2023 Jan 30, 2023
Genode's road map for 2023 has been finalized.


News Item Genode OS Framework 22.11 released Nov 30, 2022
Version 22.11 of the Genode OS framework features the revamped device-driver infrastructure that already powers Sculpt OS 22.10.
News Item Sculpt OS version 22.10 Oct 30, 2022
Sculpt OS 22.10 incorporates our year-long effort with applying Genode's rigid mandatory access control regime to all device drivers, making the complete system more dependable and clear.
News Item Genode OS Framework 22.08 released Aug 30, 2022
The overarching theme of Genode 22.08 is the emerging phone variant of Sculpt OS, touching topics as diverse as USB ECM, Mali-400 GPU, SD-card access, telephony, mobile-data connectivity, the Morph web browser, and a custom user interface. Among the further highlights are new tracing tools, improved network performance USB smart-card support, and VirtIO drivers for RISC-V.
News Item Genode OS Framework 22.05 released May 31, 2022
The highlights of Genode 22.05 are the new support for WireGuard virtual private networks and a fresh lineup of PC device drivers. Further topics are basic telephony with the PinePhone and dynamic device management on Xilinx Zynq.
News Item Sculpt OS 22.04 Apr 30, 2022
Version 22.04 of the Genode-based Sculpt general-purpose operating system leverages up-to-date device drivers ported from the Linux kernel, makes hardware-accelerated graphics usable for virtual machines, and introduces service-level sandboxing.
News Item Genode OS Framework 22.02 released Mar 10, 2022
Version 22.02 modularizes the code base, turns Sculpt OS into a framework for building special-purpose systems, and tightens the API. It introduces a new environment to run Linux PC drivers, improves GPU support including VirtualBox guests, and enables the modem access on the PinePhone.
News Item Genode at (virtual) FOSDEM 2022 Jan 31, 2022
We will present Genode on the PinePhone at the Developer Room for Microkernel and Component-based Systems.
News Item Road map for 2022 Jan 30, 2022
Genode's guiding theme for 2022 will be "Mobile Usability".


News Item Genode OS Framework 21.11 released Dec 01, 2021
With Genode 21.11, interactive Genode scenarios come to the PinePhone, hardware-accelerated graphics becomes available on Intel Gen9+ and Vivante GPUs, and we revive the work with Xilinx Zynq devices.
News Item Sculpt OS 21.10 Oct 14, 2021
Sculpt OS 21.10 introduces hardware-accelerated graphics, VirtualBox 6, media playback in the web browser, and USB webcam support.
News Item Genode OS Framework 21.08 released Sep 15, 2021
Genode 21.08 revamps GPU support and features new drivers for the PinePhone and MNT-Reform laptop. Further highlights reach from VirtualBox improvements, over media playback in the native web browser, to LTE connectivity in Sculpt OS.
News Item Collaboration with Barkhausen Institut Jul 23, 2021
In the scope of a joint innovation project together with the Barkhausen Institut, we will leverage the combination of Genode's component architecture with hardware-software co-design.
News Item Guidance for porting Genode to a new SoC Jun 01, 2021
Our new "Genode Platforms" documentation complements the existing Genode Foundations book with a wealth of hardware-related topics.
News Item Genode OS Framework 21.05 released May 31, 2021
Genode 21.05 introduces Webcam support and file encryption for Sculpt OS, switches the tool chain to GCC 10, and extends the arsenal of device drivers for i.MX8, Pine64, USB, and RISC-V.
News Item New Sculpt OS version 21.03 Mar 30, 2021
Sculpt OS 21.03 becomes resilient against classes of device-driver failures, introduces configurable real-time priorities, and adds interfaces for CPU-load balancing and screen capturing.
News Item Genode OS Framework 21.02 release Mar 20, 2021
The user-visible features of Genode 21.02 that we released at the end of February are the addition of VirtualBox 6, mobile-data connectivity via LTE, pluggable network drivers, and initial support for the Pine-A64-LTS board.
News Item FOSDEM recordings of our pluggable-device-drivers talk Mar 10, 2021
Among the variety of topics presented at this year's microkernel developer room at FOSDEM, we presented our recent work on pluggable device drivers.
News Item Road map for 2021 Jan 29, 2021
Our plan for 2021 is focused on development workflows, envisions Genode on the PinePhone, and addresses GPU support.


News Item Genode OS Framework 20.11 release Nov 30, 2020
Genode 20.11 add dynamic CPU-load balancing, improves power management and audio on PC hardware, and brings Sculpt OS to 64-bit ARM platforms.
News Item New Sculpt OS version 20.08 Sep 30, 2020
Following a bi-annual release cycle for our Sculpt operating system, we are pleased to announce the release of version 20.08 along with a ready-to-use system image and a virtual-machine appliance.
News Item Genode OS Framework 20.08 release Aug 29, 2020
The new version 20.08 of the Genode OS framework features a major redesign of the low-level GUI stack, the Chromium web engine, and enhanced ARM platform support.
News Item Genode OS Framework 20.05 release May 31, 2020
Genode version 20.05 introduces new driver infrastructure for ARM, unifies ARM virtualization support, sandboxes components on the Linux version, and reaches feature-completion of our custom block encrypter.
News Item Excitement about the MNT Reform laptop May 30, 2020
One of the coolest open-hardware projects ever has started its crowd-funding campaign. We are speaking of the Reform laptop created by MNT Research in Berlin.
News Item Our FOSDEM presentations are online Mar 15, 2020
This year's FOSDEM was rich of Genode-related presentations. In the meanwhile, all the talks by Genode Labs have become available online.
News Item Genode OS Framework release 20.02 Feb 28, 2020
With version 20.02, Genode makes Sculpt OS fit for running on i.MX 64-bit ARM hardware, optimizes the performance throughout the entire software stack, and takes the next evolutionary step of the user-facing side of Sculpt OS.
News Item Road map for 2020 Jan 30, 2020
This year's road map will be concerned with lowering the barriers of entry of using Genode and Sculpt OS.


News Item Join the microkernel developer room at FOSDEM 2020 Nov 29, 2019
The world's most important gathering of Free-Software and Open-Source enthusiasts opens its doors again in 2020. It goes without saying, that Genode is on board.
News Item Genode OS Framework 19.11 released Nov 28, 2019
We released the version 19.11 of the Genode OS framework, introducing a custom block-device encrypter, 64-bit ARM virtualization, and new tooling for application development.
News Item Review of the Genode Community Summer Oct 01, 2019
We experimented with a new type of event, fostering the community spirit among users and developers of Genode.
News Item Genode OS Framework 19.08 released Sep 30, 2019
End of August, we celebrated the 44th Genode release, which was focused on a variety of practical concerns, ranging from the handling of keyboard layouts, over the management of system time, to the secure copy-and-pasting of text between mutually distrusting programs.
News Item Speaking of Security Jul 30, 2019
When speaking with IT-security professionals, we often encounter very different interpretations of the term "security".
News Item Sculpt OS 19.07 released Jul 29, 2019
Sculpt OS 19.07 features a smoother user experience and the ability to copy and paste text between virtual machines, terminals, and graphical applications.
News Item Meet us at TU Dresden's Output exhibition Jun 11, 2019
We will participate at TU Dresden's Output exhibition at a joint booth with Cyberus Technology. update: changed date
News Item Genode OS Framework release 19.05 May 30, 2019
With the second Genode release this year, we are focussing on the framework's platform support at various levels. In particular, the added support for the 64-bit ARM architecture (AARCH64) paves the ground for running Genode on modern ARM-based platforms.
News Item Release of the Sculpt CE operating system Mar 28, 2019
The fourth version of our Genode-based general-purpose OS marks the final stage of the plan we envisioned one and a half years ago and is subtitled as "Community Experience" (CE).
News Item Boot2Java - a system for Java-based network appliances Mar 27, 2019
With Boot2Java, we present a Genode-based operating system that boots directly into a Java network application.
News Item Genode OS Framework release 19.02 Feb 28, 2019
Version 19.02 enhances Sculpt OS with a federated software provisioning model, showcases the use of Java for an IoT network appliance and the creation of a component-based web service, improves the runtime support for Ada and SPARK, and adds board support for i.MX6 Quad Sabrelite and Nitrogen6 SoloX.
News Item Road map for 2019 Jan 16, 2019
Our just-published road map for 2019 puts emphasis on making Genode relevant and appealing for a broader community.
News Item Microkernel developer room at FOSDEM Jan 15, 2019
FOSDEM in Brussels is the go-to venue for the Free-Software and Open-Source community. This year, we have the honor of hosting the microkernel developer room at FOSDEM.


News Item Genode OS Framework 18.11 released Dec 01, 2018
Genode's version 18.11 puts quality assurance into the spotlight, introduces the ability to host MirageOS unikernels, and improves the network stack.
News Item Sculpt OS with Visual Composition (VC) Sep 27, 2018
The third version of Sculpt OS introduces a graphical user interface for installing and running software from downloadable packages.
News Item Genode OS Framework 18.08 released Aug 31, 2018
Genode 18.08 advances the framework's device drivers to accommodate modern PC hardware, introduces a new microcode-update mechanism for Intel CPUs, and enhances the networking and VFS infrastructure. With the new version, Sculpt OS enters the next stage by moving towards an interactive graphical user interface.
News Item Sculpt OS for The Curious presented at FrOScon Jul 31, 2018
This year's FrOScon conference will host a talk of Genode developer Josef Soentgen presenting Sculpt OS.
News Item First disk-image release of Sculpt OS Jul 30, 2018
Sculpt OS is a ready-to-download general-purpose operating system based on Genode.
News Item Genode OS Framework 18.05 released May 31, 2018
With Genode 18.05, our Year of Sculpt OS continues at a rapid pace.
News Item New Genode mailing list May 29, 2018
The Genode mailing list and archive has been moved from Sourceforge to our own infrastructure.
News Item Sculpt for Early Adopters Mar 29, 2018
Discover the first public release of the Sculpt general-purpose operating system based on the Genode OS Framework.
News Item Genode OS Framework 18.02 released Feb 28, 2018
Genode 18.02 puts emphasis on package management, updated 3rd-party software, user-level networking, and the Nim programming language.
News Item FOSDEM 2018 recordings Feb 15, 2018
The recordings of four Genode-related FOSDEM presentations have become available.
News Item Road map 2018 Jan 24, 2018
Driven by our ambition to leverage Genode as a desktop operating system, 2018 will be The Year of Sculpt.
News Item Genode at FOSDEM 2018 Jan 24, 2018
See Genode in action at the microkernel developer room at FOSDEM!


News Item Genode OS Framework release 17.11 Nov 30, 2017
We just released the version 17.11 of the Genode OS Framework today. The new version accumulates countless big and small improvements we made while migrating the entire Genode Labs staff to a Genode- based system scenario for productive work.
News Item Genode OS Framework release 17.08 Oct 01, 2017
The highlights of Genode 17.08 are our new GPU multiplexer, enhanced seL4 support, package management, and enhanced GUI elements.
News Item GPU multiplexer for Intel platforms Oct 01, 2017
Our new GPU multiplexer for Intel GMA hardware applies the microkernel approach to the domain of GPUs.
News Item Genode/seL4 comes to the ARM and 64-bit x86 Oct 01, 2017
Genode/seL4 becomes available on the ARM and 64-bit x86 architectures.
News Item Genode OS Framework release 17.05 May 31, 2017
With a profoundly updated framework infrastructure such as GCC 6.3, Qt 5.8, and VirtualBox 5.1.22 for NOVA, the just released version 17.05 promises to be a suitable basis for longer-term maintenance and is accompanied with a new edition of the "Genode Foundations" book.
News Item Genode OS Framework release 17.02 Feb 28, 2017
By introducing application binary interfaces, version 17.02 cultivates the cross-kernel binary compatibility of components. Furthermore, the new version comes with a vastly improved VFS infrastructure, new input-event processing capabilities, and a dynamic component-composition engine.
News Item Road Map 2017 Jan 31, 2017
After a vivid brainstorming discussion on our mailing list, we finalized Genode's official road map for this year.


News Item Symposium on Networked Security / Industrie 4.0 Sep 21, 2016
Genode will attend the Symposium on Networked Security / Industrie 4.0 at the Security Essen fair.
News Item Interactive and dynamic workloads on top of the seL4 kernel Sep 20, 2016
Genode's flexible and scalable OS architecture can now be combined with the formally verified seL4 microkernel.
News Item Genode OS Framework 16.08 released Aug 31, 2016
Beyond the vastly improved support for seL4, the new release brings a lot of improvements in other areas ranging from networking over virtualization to new tools for statistical profiling.
News Item Genode OS Framework 16.05 released May 31, 2016
With Genode 16.05, the framework API undergoes a fundamental revision, the Rust language becomes available to Genode components, GDB can now be used on 64-bit NOVA, and all ported device drivers have been updated to the current versions of the Linux and OpenBSD kernels.
News Item Genode OS Framework 16.02 released Feb 26, 2016
Genode 16.02 introduces the RISC-V hardware architecture to the framework, enables the secure pass-through of USB devices to virtual machines, and updates the Muen separation kernel and the seL4 microkernel.
News Item Genode talks at FOSDEM 2016 Jan 20, 2016
There are four Genode-related talks scheduled at FOSDEM 2016 in Brussels.
News Item Road Map 2016 Jan 19, 2016
The just published Genode road map puts emphasis on fostering community participation.
News Item Upcoming Hack'n'Hike end of May Jan 18, 2016
The registration is open for our yearly Hack'n'Hike event.


News Item Genode OS Framework 15.11 released Nov 30, 2015
The primary focus of version 15.11 is the use of Genode as a desktop OS. It vastly improves the GUI and audio stacks, features the port of Intel KMS from Linux, extends the support for the USB Armory and Xilinx Zynq-7000, and introduces new file-system infrastructure such as a VFS server.
News Item Meet us at FOSDEM 2016 Nov 30, 2015
The next FOSDEM will take place during January 30 - 31 in Brussels.
News Item Genode coming to the RISC-V architecture Nov 30, 2015
During the summer months, we have successfully ported Genode to the RISC-V architecture.
News Item The Muen Separation Kernel as Genode base platform Oct 02, 2015
Thanks to the close collaboration with Codelabs, Genode now supports the Muen separation kernel as base platform.
News Item Genode OS Framework 15.08 released Aug 31, 2015
Version 15.08 marks the starting point of Genode used as day-to-day operating system, which underlines the maturity and scalability of the framework. A further highlight is the ability to execute Genode on top of the Muen separation kernel.
News Item Celebrating Genode's 7th Anniversary Jul 24, 2015
Join our anniversary party at the river Elbe.
News Item Genode as day-to-day operating system Jul 24, 2015
Genode has reached the stability and performance needed to be used as a productive and enjoyable OS for daily computing work.
News Item Meet us at the Chaos Communication Camp in August Jul 24, 2015
The Chaos Communication Camp will take place during August 13 to 17 in Mildenberg.
News Item New book "Genode Foundations" May 29, 2015
The book "Genode Foundations" is available as a free download.
News Item Combining Genode with the seL4 microkernel May 29, 2015
At the end of May, Genode reached a point that allows us to run simple Genode scenarios on the seL4 kernel.
News Item Genode OS Framework 15.05 released May 26, 2015
For the first time, a Genode release is accompanied by a book. Further highlights of the current release are vast improvements of our base-hw kernel, preliminary support for the seL4 microkernel, new device-driver infrastructure, and plenty of new device drivers.
News Item Genode at FOSDEM 2015 Jan 14, 2015
With three talks, Genode will show a strong presence at this year's FOSDEM during 31 January - February 1 in Brussels. The talks will cover an introduction of Genode, our line of work regarding VirtualBox on NOVA, and Genode's evolving GUI architecture.


News Item New Directions in Operating Systems Nov 03, 2014
Norman Feske will present Genode at the "New Directions in Operating Systems" conference on November 25 in London.
News Item Genode OS Framework version 14.08 released Sep 30, 2014
The current version 14.08 of the Genode OS framework introduces a new architecture for graphical user interfaces (GUI) designed from the ground up to protect the privacy of the user and application security.
News Item Genode OS Framework version 14.05 released Jun 20, 2014
Version 14.05 of the Genode OS Framework greatly improves the integration of 3rd-party software, introduces block-level encryption, and adds multi-processor support to our custom kernel platform.
News Item Genode OS Framework version 14.02 released Mar 12, 2014
With version 14.02, the Genode OS Framework gains support for NetBSD's file systems and becomes able to run VirtualBox on top of the NOVA microhypervisor.
News Item Meet Genode Labs at FOSDEM 2014 Jan 06, 2014
Genode Labs will participate in this year's FOSDEM with two presentations at the microkernel developer room.


News Item Genode OS Framework version 13.11 released Dec 09, 2013
We are happy to announce Genode 13.11, which is the 22nd release of the framework since the first version in August 2008.
News Item Genode OS Framework version 13.08 released Aug 30, 2013
With version 13.08 of the Genode OS Framework, we introduce high-performance tracing capabilities, make Qt5 available on all supported kernels, and improve the multi-processor scalability of the framework.
News Item Genode OS Framework version 13.05 released Jun 05, 2013
Version 13.05 introduces support for automated testing and benchmarking, adds new components geared towards headless systems, and enhances the device-driver support for ARM SoCs such as Exynos 5, Freescale i.MX, and BCM2835.
News Item Genode OS Framework version 13.02 released Mar 11, 2013
Among the many improvements of version 13.02 are the use of IOMMUs, vastly enhanced x86-virtualization support, and a new audio interface.


News Item Genode OS Framework version 12.11 released Nov 30, 2012
With version 12.08, the Genode OS Framework has become capable to execute its own build system and improves the support for ARM platforms.
News Item Genode OS Framework version 12.08 released Sep 06, 2012
The version 12.08 of the Genode OS Framework comes with a new base platform, improves support for the NOVA hypervisor, and adds an on-target debugging facility.
News Item Genode OS Framework version 12.05 released Jun 06, 2012
Version 12.05 comes with a new USB stack, media-replay capabilities, and the support for executing the GNU tool chain on top of Genode.
News Item New Office location May 16, 2012
We just moved into our new office space in Dresden Friedrichstadt.
News Item Genode OS Framework version 12.02 released Mar 01, 2012
With the release of Genode 12.02, we have finished the transition of the project to an open development process.
News Item Meet Genode Labs at FOSDEM 2012 Jan 04, 2012
One of the worlds largest gatherings of the Open-Source and Free-Software community will take place during 4th and 5th of February in Brussels.


News Item Genode OS Framework version 11.11 released Nov 29, 2011
The version 11.11 of the Genode OS framework introduces user-level debugging via the GNU debugger, Android running as Genode process, a new free-standing tool chain, and various experimental results related to different virtualization techniques.
News Item Genode OS Framework version 11.05 released Jun 02, 2011
Version 11.05 features L4Linux executed on top of the Fiasco.OC kernel, experimental GDB support, and a new inter-process communication API.
News Item Genode OS Framework version 11.02 released Feb 25, 2011
With the version 11.02 of our operating-system framework, we expanded the supported base platforms to 8 different kernels and introduced a new execution environment for using unmodified GNU software on Genode.


News Item Genode OS Live CD boots Linux as Browser Plugin Nov 22, 2010
With the November release of the Genode Live CD, we showcase a new level of integration of device drivers, Qt4, OpenGL, and virtualized Linux on our platform.
News Item Software Freedom Day 2010 Sep 02, 2010
On 17th of September, Genode will be presented at the Software Freedom Day 2010 in Amsterdam.
News Item Genode OS Framework version 10.08 released Aug 11, 2010
Version 10.08 of our framework comes with support for hardware-accelerated graphics, wireless networking, and block devices.
News Item Genode OS Framework version 10.05 released May 28, 2010
Version 10.05 of our operating-system framework introduces mandatory access control, adds sound support, and advances the integration with the paravirtualized OKLinux kernel.
News Item Genode OS Framework version 10.02 released Feb 24, 2010
With the addition of the Codezero and NOVA kernels as base platforms, our framework for building specialized component-based operating systems strives to capture new application areas.
News Item Genode Labs leaves behind its infancy Jan 29, 2010
Our company changes its legal status from GbR to GmbH.


News Item Genode OS Framework version 9.11 released Nov 25, 2009
The new release introduces a Linux virtualization solution, Webkit support, the light-weight IP stack, and support for the ARM architecture.
News Item Live CD demonstrating latest Genode features Sep 02, 2009
Genode's latest Live-CD features among others Qt4 and Linux.
News Item Genode FX for Trenz Electronic industrial FPGA modules Aug 28, 2009
In cooperation with Trenz Electonic, we have complemented Genode FX with reference designs for the TE0304 series of industrial FPGA modules.
News Item Genode OS Framework version 9.08 released Aug 20, 2009
The first anniversary release revisits fundamental mechanisms and further improves the cross-kernel portability of the OS framework.
News Item First anniversary of the Genode OS Framework Aug 03, 2009
On 13th of August, you can join us celebrating the first anniversary of the Genode OS Framework.
News Item Genode OS Framework version 9.05 released May 28, 2009
The new version introduces support the OKL4 kernel as base platform, the first parts of our USB stack, 64-bit Linux support, and the integration of Qt 4.5.1 into the main-line source tree.
News Item Paper about the Genode FPGA Graphics Project May 19, 2009
The paper about our integrated hardware-software GUI solution introduces our custom hardware IP cores and provides in-depth information about the design and functioning of our software stack with regard to its real-time properties.
News Item Genode FPGA Graphics Project version 9.03 released Mar 24, 2009
Among the various software improvements of Genode FX, there is a new demonstration project showing off its unique features.
News Item Full text of "Securing Graphical User Interfaces" published Mar 18, 2009
Norman Feske has made the PDF version of his dissertation available for download.
News Item Genode OS Framework version 9.02 released Feb 27, 2009
Among many evolutionary improvements, the release 9.02 introduces a native port of Qt4, networking, and support for the L4ka::Pistachio kernel as base platform.
News Item Embedded World 2009 Feb 05, 2009
Visit Genode Labs at the Embedded World 2009 exhibition at March 03-05 in Nuremberg, Germany.
News Item Dissertation on Securing Graphical User Interfaces Jan 07, 2009
On 5th of January, Norman Feske—founding member of Genode Labs—successfully defended his PhD dissertation.


News Item Genode OS Framework version 8.11 released Nov 21, 2008
With the release 8.11, we reached an important milestone of the Genode project with regard to the applicability of the framework for realizing real-world applications.
News Item Live-CD image demonstrating Genode Oct 23, 2008
We have made the default demonstration scenario of the Genode OS Framework available as ready-to-boot ISO image.
News Item Genode FX on Virtex-4 FPGAs Oct 16, 2008
As we are constantly extending the range of platforms supported by Genode FX, we have now documented the process of adapting our FPGA graphics solution to new platforms by the example of the Virtex-4-based ML405 board.
News Item Newsletter archive online Sep 25, 2008
For those of you who do not receive our newsletter via email, we have created an online archive of our past mailings.
News Item Genode FX running on PowerPC of Xilinx Virtex 5 FPGAs Sep 17, 2008
With the release 2008-09, Genode FX supports the PowerPC 440 as available in certain Xilinx Virtex 5 FPGAs.
News Item Genode FPGA graphics project launched Aug 27, 2008
Genode FX brings a fully fleged graphical user interface to FPGA platforms such as Xilinx' low-cost Spartan3 series. The first release features a ready-to-use demonstration project directly executable on widely popular Spartan3A Starter Kit boards.
News Item Genode Labs on the web Aug 21, 2008
Since the release of the Genode OS Framework, both our project and our company were covered by a number of websites including OS News and
News Item Genode OS Framework version 8.08 released Aug 06, 2008
We are happy to announce the first official release of the Genode OS Framework.
News Item Launch of the project website Jul 29, 2008
Today, we launched the community website for the Genode OS framework and announced our first release for the 6th of August.
News Item Thanks for your feedback Jul 15, 2008
Thanks to all of you who helped us to improve many details of our website. Our RSS stream is now available at a meaningful address.
News Item Company website launched Jul 01, 2008
With the move into our new office space, Genode Labs leaves behind its planning period and becomes a physical place.
News Item Moving into our new working environment May 31, 2008
On the 15th of May, Genode Labs officially started its operation.
News Item Genode Labs founded May 14, 2008
Our new website provides the latest news about Genode Labs, our products and general information about the company.

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