Genode OS Framework 21.02 release Mar 20, 2021

The user-visible features of Genode 21.02 that we released at the end of February are the addition of VirtualBox 6, mobile-data connectivity via LTE, pluggable network drivers, and initial support for the Pine-A64-LTS board.

Some of these topics have been in the works since a long time. For example, VirtualBox 6 is not merely an update of our existing port of VirtualBox 5 but a fresh re-take condensing years of experience.

The LTE and Pine-A64 topics are primarily motivated by our goal to use Genode on the Pinephone by the end of the year, thereby attaining a device that is usable, affordable, and trustworthy.

Other notable improvements range from added VirtIO-block device support for virtual machines on ARM, our revived developments for RISC-V, to VFS support for named pipes. You can find all the details presented in our comprehensive release documentation.

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