FOSDEM 2018 recordings Feb 15, 2018

The recordings of four Genode-related FOSDEM presentations have become available.

Like every year, FOSDEM 2018 was an exciting event for us. We greatly enjoyed the microkernel developer room, which - to our delight - attracts an audience that seems to grow year after year.

Our team participated with three presentations at the developer room. Furthermore, we were excited about a talk about Componolit at the Embedded developer room, which presents the prospect of leveraging Genode on mobile platforms. Shortly after FOSDEM, recordings of all talks became available online. To recap the Genode-related talks, you can enjoy the recordings by following the links below.

"GPU resource multiplexing in component based systems"

Sebastian Sumpf at the Microkernel developer room

"Live sculpting a Genode-based operating system"

Norman Feske at the Microkernel developer room

"User-level networking on Genode"

Martin Stein at the Microkernel developer room

"Componolit - a component-based open-source platform for trustworthy mobile devices"

Alexander Senier at the Embedded developer room

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