Genode OS Framework 21.05 released May 31, 2021

Genode 21.05 introduces Webcam support and file encryption for Sculpt OS, switches the tool chain to GCC 10, and extends the arsenal of device drivers for i.MX8, Pine64, USB, and RISC-V.

End of May, we released the version 21.05 of the Genode OS Framework. This version puts the support for Webcams and file encryption into the spotlight. Both features benefit greatly from the framework's component architecture that fosters a precise separation of concerns, thereby bringing ease of use, high flexibility, and resilience under one hood.

Besides these prominent features, the release puts emphasis on device drivers and platform support. The topics are ranging from USB, over I2C on i.MX8, over GPIO on Pine-A64, to networking on RISC-V. Furthermore, the framework has become ready to use on top of 64-bit ARM Linux.

The new version is complemented by an updated tool chain based on GCC 10 and Binutils 2.36, profound performance optimizations, framework refinements, and new tooling for porting Linux drivers.

All the topics outlined above are covered in great detail by the official release documentation....

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