Genode OS Framework 24.05 released May 30, 2024

Genode 24.05 introduces the new ability to run Sculpt OS on our custom kernel, GDB on Sculpt OS, suspend/resume, the redesign of the framework's USB infrastructure, and the completed transition to the new audio interfaces.

In the tailwind of Sculpt OS 24.04, the just released Genode version 24.05 contains all the technical underpinnings of the new Sculpt-OS features like suspend/resume, the consistent use of the new audio stack, and a much more flexible USB infrastructure. Beside those many functional advances, the release also celebrates the ability to run Sculpt OS on our custom kernel as a landmark achievement, relieving the trusted computing base of Sculpt OS from third-party dependencies. With Intel virtualization support added to our kernel, the release delivers the final missing piece of this puzzle.

Further topics of the release range from timing and networking optimizations, over updated 3rd-party software like Mesa, libSDL2, and cURL, to developer tooling. Those and many more topics are covered in the detailed release documentation for version 24.05.

Keeping up with the tradition of the previous years, the spring release also brings the "Genode Foundations" book (PDF) up to date to the latest version of the framework.

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