Road Map 2017 Jan 31, 2017

After a vivid brainstorming discussion on our mailing list, we finalized Genode's official road map for this year.

The updated official road map for the Genode OS Framework has been published:

The overall theme of 2017 is stressing the scalability and stability of the framework. With stability, we refer to our line of work towards a long-term stable binary interface, which will have two effects. First, it will allow us to subject our base-framework implementation to rigorous quality-assurance measures. And second, it paves the ground for a growing community participation because contributors will no longer need to keep up with a moving target. Most of the milestones outlined for this year's release schedule are directly related to this long-term plan: Among the topics are package- based Genode systems, updated tooling, a revised boot concept, and several topics that are important for the use of Genode as day-to-day OS.

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