New Sculpt OS version 21.03 Mar 30, 2021

Sculpt OS 21.03 becomes resilient against classes of device-driver failures, introduces configurable real-time priorities, and adds interfaces for CPU-load balancing and screen capturing.

With our biannual releases of Sculpt OS, we make the most recent advances of Genode publicly available in the form of a general- purpose operating system that can be used on regular PC hardware. Just last week, we published Sculpt OS version 21.03.

This version allows for the interactive assignment of real-time priorities to components, it comes with numerous performance and usability improvements, and bears the first fruits of our new architecture for pluggable device drivers. Thanks to the latter, the system becomes tolerant against classes of driver-related failures. For example, Sculpt OS can now even gracefully recover from a crashing graphics driver.

An overview of these and further changes since the previous version is given in a dedicated article...

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