Our FOSDEM presentations are online Mar 15, 2020

This year's FOSDEM was rich of Genode-related presentations. In the meanwhile, all the talks by Genode Labs have become available online.

On Saturday, Martin Stein presented his experimental kernel named Spunky, which is a re-implementation of Genode's custom kernel in Ada/SPARK.


On Sunday, Norman Feske gave a live demonstration of Sculpt OS. If you are interested in the capabilities of Sculpt OS 20.02, this talk will give you a head start.


Stefan Kalkowski presented our recent development of running Genode on 64-bit ARM platforms, running Sculpt OS live on an i.MX8 board:


Genode OS Framework release 20.02 Feb 28, 2020

With version 20.02, Genode makes Sculpt OS fit for running on i.MX 64-bit ARM hardware, optimizes the performance throughout the entire software stack, and takes the next evolutionary step of the user-facing side of Sculpt OS.

Without any doubt, Sculpt OS has been the driving motivation behind most working topics featured by the new release. One particularly exciting line of work is the enabling of Sculpt on i.MX-based 64-bit ARM hardware, which touched the framework on all levels, from the boot loader, over the kernel, device drivers, libraries, system management, up to the application level. The work goes as far as supporting Sculpt OS as a hypervisor platform for hosting Linux in a virtual machine.

As a second Sculpt-related development, we strive to make the user-visible side of the operating system better approachable and more logical. With this background, the current release comes with a profound redesign of the administrative user interface of Sculpt OS. An updated downloadable system image will follow soon.

Also related to Sculpt are an updated audio driver based on OpenBSD 6.6, the support of virtual desktops, and performance optimization of the Seoul virtual machine monitor on x86 hardware.

Regarding the framework API, the release introduces a new library for building multi-component applications. It aims to bring the benefits of Genode's unique security architecture from the operating-system level to the application level.

These topics are only the tip of the iceberg. For the complete picture, please consult the release documentation of version 20.02...

Road map for 2020 Jan 30, 2020

This year's road map will be concerned with lowering the barriers of entry of using Genode and Sculpt OS.

For our community, commercial Genode users, and us developers alike, it is important to know where Genode is heading. At each turn of the year, we jointly draft a rough plan for the upcoming 12 months. After having kicked off the public discussion on our mailing list end of December and collecting ideas over the following 3 weeks, we condensed the ideas in the form of our official road map:


Our primary ambition will be the removal of the hurdles faced by aspiring developers and users. We will approach this goal in four ways: Making Sculpt OS more user friendly, reinforcing trust in Genode by fostering the framework's high quality, making the tooling around Genode a joy to use, and by presenting tangible use cases.

Besides this overall theme, we plan to continue our commitment to the NXP i.MX SoC family and extend the cultivation of Ada/SPARK within (and on top of) Genode.

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